Astromech R2

The most common Astromech that about everybody instantly recognizes is R2-D2. But you might see them in different colors. In the Star wars galaxy they all have their own name. Below is a gallery with various colorschemes. Actually, my first Atsromech was a R2-KT where the regula R2-D2 is white and blue, a KT is white and pink. We use that droid in hospitals and various occasions to raise funds for Kika and Make a Wish foundation.

Build your own R2-D2

Building a real size R2 unit will take between 6 and 12 months depending the time you want to spend on it. The average cost of a full functional unit is between 500€ and 10.000€. it depends on where you live, what kind of filament you use and the electronics you want to use. Through the easy to navigate menu we guide you through a full build of a R2-D2 unit. The necessary files can be obtained from Michael BAddeley’s Patreon page He does an awsome job and through his Patreon you can download all the necessary files to build your own R2-D2.

Every section of the droid will be explained in deep and with easy to watch video’s and pictures we show you how to get the best results and a list of all parts that you need to print and where to find them. Also a BOM (Bill of materials) is added to each page with links where to buy them. This ensures you alway’s have the correct parts and materials we use in our tutorials and videos. Keep in mind that there are always multiple option and in some scenario’s you might use different tools or materials then we use. That is absolutely not an issue. Just keep in mind that when you buy difefrent electronics that the provided code might not work out of the box.

R2-D2 addons

In the Star Wras movies various tools where shown tha tR2 can use to interact. Arms, fire leighter and even a periscoop was used. And don’t forget the part where R2 was turned into a cocktails waitress with a tray on his shoulders holding the drinks. In our build we are also going to show various tools that can be added to your R2 build including a beertender so that you can use him to bring you a nice cold beer when you are resting from all your efforts.